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What Clients Say

We are a 36 year old Canadian Company who has exclusively used Griffith Aviation for all our aircraft sales and acquisitions for the past 25 years. Griffith Aviation has represented the sales and acquisition our fleet from Cessna Conquest I’s and Conquest II’s right up through Citation Sovereigns.

Jerry Griffith and his team have provided our company with exemplary service, honest and accurate evaluations and representation of our aircraft, and has in depth knowledge of aircraft imports and exports.

Griffith Aviation’s utmost respect in the industry is far reaching and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Griffith Aviation for all our sales and acquisitions for many years to come.

- David A.
Cessna 425/441/560/680
Vancouver, B.C.

'Exclusively used Griffith Aviation for all our aircraft sales and acquisitions for the past 25 years.’

Over the many years we have been trading with Griffith Aviation we have learned that this is a company that is more interested in long-term customer satisfaction than short-term financial gain.

- Steve and Mike K.
Glasgow, Scotland

'many years', 'long-term customer satisfaction'

Thank you for taking care of each detail during my B200 purchase from the UK. The good counsel you provided when I purchased a 337 gave me confidence that you are indeed a person that says what they mean and means what they say. You had a thorough understanding of the purchase of a foreign aircraft and I would recommend you and your company for any such transaction, as well as a seller's representative. Feel free to use me as a reference.

- Steve W.
King Air B200
Baton Rouge, LA

'care of each detail', 'says what they mean and means what they say',
'I would recommend you and your company'

Dealing with Griffith Aviation on the acquisition of my Conquest I met all my expectations derived from my experience with you on the 421C acquisition.

- Joe B.
Cessna 421C/425 Conquest I
Wilson, WY

‘met all my expectations’

I have known Jerry Griffith for around 10 years and have had several business dealings with his company. He is without a doubt the most up front, trustworthy individual I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. His business sense and professionalism are of the highest degree.

- Glenn W.
Business Associate
Tulsa, OK

'several business dealings', 'up front, trustworthy',
'business sense and professionalism'

Thank you again for all your work in helping me find and purchase a King Air F90. I’m not surprised with how smoothly the entire process went being that this is the third airplane I have purchased through Griffith Aviation. Nevertheless, I am grateful. Once again you not only found me the right plane at a fair price but made the entire process enjoyable. I look forward to seeing you on your next trip out west.

- Doug J.
King Air C90A/F90/B200
Las Vegas, NV

'helping me find and purchase', 'third airplane I have purchased through Griffith Aviation', 'right plane at a fair price'

It was a pleasure working with you in the successful sale of our Conquest. We appreciated your straightforward way of communicating along with your patience and understanding in working through issues with both seller and buyer. I feel that both felt good about the process, which is not always the case. This really comes down to your honesty and integrity combined with years of experience and the credibility that comes with it. Those grey hairs really pay off! I would be pleased to provide more information to any prospective clients who may be looking for a reference.

- Michael C.
441 Conquest II
Victoria, BC

'straightforward way of communicating', 'patience and understanding', 'honesty and integrity', 'experience and the credibility'

We have been thoroughly pleased with every aspect of our transition to the King Air F90. The aircraft search, the pre-buy and the closing were all handled professionally by Griffith Aviation.

- Randy C.
King Air E90/F90
Baton Rouge, LA

'thoroughly pleased with every aspect', 'all handled professionally'

It is really rewarding to be able to work with someone that does exactly what he says he will do.

- Bob S.
King Air E90
Cincinnati, OH

'does exactly what he says’

I have been dealing with Griffith Aviation for several years and have found them very accommodating. FIRST TIME BUYERS, UPGRADE BUYERS, and TRADE IN BUYERS will find Griffith Aviation to be a first class operation with a professional approach and a CUSTOMER COMES FIRST attitude.

- Jerry S.
Aircraft Dealer
Ottumwa, IA

'several years', 'very accommodating',
'first class operation', 'professional approach'