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Jerry Griffith

Who Is Jerry Griffith?

I began my career in aircraft sales while attending college and working at an FBO in Kearney, Nebraska in the early 1970’s. That position led to a job offer in Tulsa, Oklahoma in November of 1974, buying, selling and marketing new and used Cessna aircraft.

After nearly twenty years of experience buying and selling business and personal use aircraft, my wife Liane and I founded Griffith Aviation, Inc. in 1992. We operate the business from our hangar office at Tulsa International Airport.

I understand the daily challenges business owners face and the importance of making the right decision, especially regarding your aircraft transportation needs.

An Experienced, Licensed Pilot
As a boy I would always stop and watch airplanes fly over. Commercial jets, crop dusters – it didn’t matter. There was just something about them. I spent hours in the hayloft pretending to pilot my own plane made from old farm machinery parts. A used up pile of wood; a seat off of a run down piece of horse drawn machinery; an old wheel.

But my real flying lessons started in college in 1968. I kept books for a guy who owned a maintenance shop to pay for the training. By the time I graduated from school I had my private, commercial and multi-engine ratings. Quickly followed by my instrument rating.

I have accumulated over 6,500 hours of flying time in dozens of various aircraft makes and models and hundreds of individual planes. Most of these hours were spent picking up, ferrying, demonstrating and delivering planes across the country. I know what different planes can and can’t do. I understand load, range, speed and cost of operation. I am still an active multi-engine instrument rated pilot who attends annual recurrent training to maintain proficiency in turbine-powered aircraft.

A Midwesterner With Midwest Values
I grew up on a cattle ranch near Broken Bow, Nebraska. I got up at five o’clock every morning and did a half day’s work before school, completing the other half afterwards. I learned a good work ethic at a young age and looked to help others whenever I could. I went to college in Kearney, Nebraska. And my wife and I have lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma since moving here in 1974.

Midwest values are the only ones I know. Which means you get a genuine and straightforward approach. There’s no putting on airs or pretending to be someone I’m not. I’m just a regular guy willing to go the extra mile to match the right plane with the right person.

I believe agreements are only as good as the individuals making them. And that a good deal is one that’s fair for everyone involved. My word is my bond and because of that, most people I do business with end up being friends. Even other airplane dealers speak kindly of Griffith Aviation.

I don’t know everything but after more than 40 years in the airplane business I have the knowledge and resources to get the job done for you in a way that exceeds expectations.

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Liane Griffith

Who Is Liane Griffith?

Jerry’s Better Half
I have been Jerry’s partner in life since 1967. I was there when he buzzed the house on his first flight some 48 years ago, fulfilling his childhood dream of flying one of those “magical contraptions”. From then on his favorite saying has been, “just meet me at the airport!”

A Business Owner
After my mother passed in 1977 I took control of our family-owned radio station (KCNI 1280 AM in Broken Bow, Nebraska). Thanks to good management and access to business aircraft for travel I was able to pull this off despite living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But after sixty years of family ownership I sold my interest so I could spend more time with family and continue with my duties at Griffith Aviation.

The Glue That Holds It All Together
I assumed the role of administrative assistant when Jerry opened Griffith Aviation in 1992. I like to think of myself as the “Director of First Impressions" – usually the one answering the phone when you contact us. I’m also the Business Manager and Advertising Director.

I have been privileged to meet some of the most interesting, talented, successful individuals, most of whom share a love of flying and appreciate the benefits of traveling in general aviation aircraft. But more importantly, many have become our close personal friends. Hopefully I’ll be able to add your name to that list of clients turned friends.

When I’m not directing traffic at the office I’m scurrying down to Austin, Texas to dote on my grandkids. As Jerry likes to say, “Grandchildren are not inherently expensive, grandmothers are!"

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