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Aquisition Services

Griffith Aviation puts forth its very best efforts, expertise, business tools and worldwide connections to provide you with assistance, guidance and consultation in the selection and purchase of your aircraft.

Benefits of Using an Exclusive Acquisition Agent

Find the Right Aircraft for You. This is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. There is a buyer for every aircraft and an aircraft for every buyer. Your specific needs, plans and budget define your pool of potential aircraft. Griffith Aviation has the knowledge, experience and worldwide connections to help you identify the one that fits these needs.

Get a Professional Inspection. If you’re interested in purchasing a particular aircraft, Griffith Aviation will travel to inspect it firsthand. We will also review the logbooks for continuity and maintenance and look for evidence of prior damage or recurring issues. We want to help you find a quality aircraft that flies with integrity and is free of unforeseen problems.

Guide You Through the Process. The process of purchasing an aircraft is more complex than ever before and there are many potential pitfalls along the way. Unscrupulous sellers. Missing records. Misinformation. It is usually not in your best interest to go it alone. What if your offer is accepted? Are your emotions affecting your decision? Are you familiar with aircraft sales agreements, escrows, 1031 exchanges, the International Registry (IR), title searches and documents and liens and releases? Even small oversights can be costly.

Save Time. Be honest. Even if you have the experience, do you have the time to research, identify and purchase an aircraft, with everything it entails? Isn’t your schedule demanding enough? Let Griffith Aviation help. Tell us your specific needs, desires and budget and we will present you with options. We will evaluate and compare them and help streamline the purchasing process all the way through closing. Allowing you to focus on your other responsibilities.

Gain Access to More Aircraft. A number of aircraft change hands without ever being publicly advertised. But as an active broker and stocking aircraft dealer, Griffith Aviation has access to many planes that never hit the open market. Our relationships with other dealers and brokers, as well as individual owners, expose you to available aircraft worldwide. Furthermore, many sellers don’t have time to field inquiries, set up appointments, show their planes and negotiate a deal. So they hire us as a broker, knowing we are working with pre-qualified buyers on a daily basis.

Pay a Fair Price. Sellers often think their aircrafts are worth more than the market will bear. They don’t have realistic numbers in their heads because they’re not in the aircraft valuation business. But Griffith Aviation is working with buyers and sellers everyday. We know market value and we use that knowledge to negotiate the best price possible.

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As Your Exclusive Acquisition Agent We...

• Present aircraft alternatives based on your mission and budget

• Perform comparative analysis of those alternatives

• Educate you on the value and value-added components of your options

• Travel and conduct initial visual inspection of aircraft as well as a review of all logbooks and records

• Advise and assist with determining fair market value and finding motivated sellers

• Assist with preparation of Offers to Purchase, Purchase Agreements and other documentation related to your purchase

• Assist with establishing escrow with a qualified, bonded escrow and title company

• Help engage services of a qualified 1031 Like Kind Exchange accommodator

• Assist in arranging and monitoring a pre-purchase inspection

• Coordinate title searches and procure all necessary documentation for a clear and unencumbered title

• Assist with closing and delivery details

• Assist with arrangements for and overseeing of any planned refurbishment, modifications or upgrades to your aircraft at or immediately following your purchase

Acquisition Fees

Griffith Aviation does not believe in open-ended acquisition contracts that charge a percentage of the aircraft’s purchase price. Instead, we set a flat fee for acquisition services relative to the value of the aircraft you wish to acquire. We do this to eliminate any concerns you might have about being upsold to increase the fee. Please contact us directly with questions about the fee structure and we will be happy to answer them confidentially.